Thursday, 4 November 2010

Tour De Chair part 2

Welcome to part 2 of think furniture's review on Ergonomic Chairs today's products are the Contessa by Okamura and the Orangebox Ara Chair.  If you have missed Part 1 please click here.

What the Manufacturers say: 

"Contessa represents the ultimate in stylish elegance that is worthy of the name. The color of the mesh is soft and lively. The superb design merges seamlessly with any work environment and sitting posture.The "smart operation" concept achieves simple and responsive operation.Contessa brings inspiration to everyone who experiences its extraordinary comfort."

What We Think:

It has as stylish design with bold silver frame.  It has a mesh back and a cushioned seat which many of us preferred to the mesh seats in other chairs.  Like the liberty the arm rests are easy to adjust and great lumbar support.
                                Amy:                               Penny:                        Rebecca:                     Tony:
Back support:            8/10                              7/10                            8/10                          7/10
Seat:                          6/10                              8/10                            6/10                          8/10
Adjustable:                 6/10                              7/10                            7/10                          7/10
Overall:                      7/10                              8/10                             7/10                          8/10

What the Manufacturers say:

"Great design is when there’s nothing left to take away. Ara is a chair of refined performance, comfort and support that redefines our perspective on sustainability. Ara is the first task chair developed and manufactured in Europe to achieve Cradle to Cradle accreditation. The character and performance are defined by the design of the chair’s adaptive elastomer membrane, the rigid outer frame supports the membrane with a posturally correct ‘S’ shape and its flexibility allows it to adjust automatically to the profile of your back. Ara’s synchronous mechanism delivers a smooth, balanced movement from impressively refined engineering, the elastomer membrane remains active even with a fully upholstered back due to the design of the foam’s internal structure."
What We Think:

This chair has many interesting features which make it extremely comfortable, but one of the key and quite fun features is the air pump which you can use to adjust the air levels in the lumbar support.  This feature allows the user to personalise the amount of support providing maximum comfort.

Summary:              Amy:                               Penny:                        Rebecca:                     Tony:
Back support:            7/10                              7/10                            8/10                          7/10
Seat:                          7/10                              8/10                            6/10                          8/10
Adjustable:                 8/10                              8/10                            7/10                          6/10
Overall:                      7/10                              8/10                             8/10                          7/10

The results:

Average scores:

Contessa by Okamura:               7.5/10
Humanscale Liberty:                  9/10
Herman Miller Aeron:               8/10
Orangebox Ara:                         7.5/10


And the(hum theatrical music) winner is : Humanscale Liberty Chair:

I hope that you have enjoyed our (somewhat biased) review of Ergonomic Chairs, If you would like any more information please visit our site, click on the images or contact us.

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