Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Flo arm with tablet and IPad mount

Flo monitor arm with tablet / IPad mounting from Colebrook Bosson Saunders The modern workplace and it's emerging technologies is still evolving and our fixed screens and computers of today are slowing making way (or being added to) with tablet technology from the IPad and Blackberry tablets. Tablet and touch screen technology requires a more flexible and agile approach to desk top integration. The Flo monitor arm complete with tablet mount offers that solution. The new Flo monitor arm works in unison with the adjustable spring to set the optimum tension to the screen weight and deliver perfect usability. To reduce installation time, simply replicate this setting across all workstations.

Engineered to tread lightly on the environment... and offer maximum performance with the minimum number of parts, Flo offers an unrivalled level of design purity.

Ergonomically compatible with touch-screens... enabling the user to easily move the screen from a standard set-up into position for touch-screen usage.
Flo monitor arm costs £90 in standard form. Please call us today for options to integrate the table mount onto this new monitor arm solution 0870 1037777

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