Tuesday, 23 October 2012

The latest James Bond Movie Skyfall features as a new star in the making. 

When Bond’s Spy Chief M has to focus on saving the world she reclines (or works) from the luxury of the new Interstuhl Airpad chair.

Why the Airpad you might ask ? Well first off we have the technical and mechanical proficiency of a well engineered German mechanism…one of the smoothest functioning chairs on the market.

Next we have the styling detail of the Airpad’s mesh back that looks almost transparent, the chair has a very light ‘floaty’ feel to both chair movement and look. 

These aesthetics combined with high comfort and ergonomics surely mean a winning chair for Interstuhl. 

And lets face it with James Bond on your side I would imagine the odds are in your favour !!

 For more information, options and pricing on this chair please take a look here or call us for images and brochures etc…

The new Airpad task chair manufactured by leading German seating company Interstuhl brings a whole new dimension to mesh back seating options. With its gossamer thin back section almost appearing transparent at times this chair really combines the best of both aesthetics and practicality.
  • Airpad is manufactured by leading seating company Interstuhl

  • A large range of different colours are available for the Airpad's seat
  • The Interstuhl Airpad chair offers a full array of functions you would expect from a high specification manufacturer
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