Thursday, 28 October 2010

The Apprentice Chair.

It’s that time of the week when all we can talk about is last nights Apprentice.  Standing around the water cooler debating over whether Lord Alan was right on firing Melissa, trying to use the new words you have learnt over the series such comfortability, sectionality, conversate and profesionality. But also wondering where you could get a chair like Lord Sugar’s. 

Wait….A chair like Lord Sugar’s?

It’s not only his business prowess and decades of experience that make Lord Alan look so comfortable in the boardroom, his chair might just have a little a something to do with it as well.

 Lord Sugar’s chair just happens to be the Interstuhl Silver Chair

The Interstuhl Silver chair is designed by architect and product designer Hadi Teherani.

There are members of the Interstuhl Silver Chair family to suit all situations, including Low, Medium and High Back office and conference chairs.  The chairs are adjustable and feature intuitive controls. Available with a choice of silver finish styles and upholstery options making it perfect for most offices evens those not run by multimillionaires or top secret government organisations.

Bond fans may also recognise the Interstuhl Silver Chair as it was featured in Quantum of Solace.  The Interstuhl Silver Chair’s sleek silver backs and contemporary design partnered with the credenza units blend flawlessly with the M’s modern office. 

For more information on the Interstuhl Silver Chair please visit our website or contact us.

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