Tuesday, 19 October 2010

National Energy Saving week

This week just happens to be energy saving week and we have some nifty ideas to save the earth:
  • Build a time machine and give Thomas Edison a low energy light bulb.
  • Don't drive to work dance instead, not only saves petrol but will brighten everyones day by laughing at you.
  • Become a Mad Cat Lady/Man and bring the little darlings to work, that way everyone can enjoy the warmth of a cat on their lap.
  • Instead of turning up the heating ball room dance with the person next to you. They never look cold on Strictly do they?

Or alternatively you could use some of our awesome new products:

The eco2 power socket.

A computer left on overnight could potentially cost you up to £100 a year. The eco2 can sense the power consumption of a p.c. If it senses that the p.c. is not being used it turns it off. 

The Adapt Wave LED light.

Not only does the wave light have a low energy consumption its adjustable too!.

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